Colour Care

 We Proudly use  Schwarzkopf Colour  including Igora Royal, Vibrance, BLONDME  and Essensity (our Natural Line.)

We Proudly use Schwarzkopf Colour including Igora Royal, Vibrance, BLONDME  and Essensity (our Natural Line.)

Brown Hair: Chocolate and Nougat

More and more stars show real brunette rather than false blonde hair. No wonder, brown hair is flattering.

We reveal the new colour trends for brown hair and let you know what type of care brings a lot of lustre to your brown hair. Our colour consultation guarantees that you find the shade, which is right for you.

Blonde Hair: Gold and Sand

Blonde hair also colours your attitude toward life. Blonde tends to make you the star wherever you go.

Whether your shade of blonde is caramel or ash blonde, you should learn about colour trends and the care of colour-treated hair from the experts. In our colour consultation we help you turn your blonde hair into a truly bright image.

Red Hair: Teak and Mahogany

Redheads cannot hide – and why should they? Revel in the new shades for red hair.

We show you what kind of care for colour-treated hair can keep the colour in your hair stay rich and luminous. In our colour consultation you learn how to turn red the stylish way.

Black Hair: Ebony and Cherry

There are many shades of black hair. In our expert colour consultation we show you all the interesting shades of black hair and how you can achieve them. We also reveal the new colour trends.

Black beauties will keep their hair beautiful for a long time with the right kind of care for colour-treated hair.

Grey Hair: Platinum and Silver

Many women look good with grey hair. Men with grey hair are known to always look stylish.

Our colouring experts reveal tricks to make the transition from coloured to grey hair easy. We also tell you how to hide the first silvery outliers.

Not yet ready for grey hair? We like to help you look younger with your new hair colour.

For Men: Highlights and Deep Colour Shades

Colouring your hair is not manly? Forget about such stereotypes! You don’t have to adopt the Heino-blonde look. Modern hair experts know how to use soft colour for men’s hair. Create a richer hair colour or add highlights to your hair like the ones a summer at the beach will give you. These changes are quickly made and look very natural.

Tips and Tricks for Hairy Problems

What can you do when your hair colour has become mottled? How do you quickly fix hair problems such as frizzy or messy hair? Which styling tricks should you use before reaching to the hair spray can? You can find the answers from one of our professionals.