Heather Johnson is a Certified IN.FORM Coach (Clinically Studied Program for Weight Loss and Reversing Metabolic Dysfunction)

IN FORM DROP IN SESSION ~ 6 PM Thursday, September 7th! 

IN.FORM at Wild Orchid Salon & Spa happens every Thursday evening at 6 pm.  This is a rolling 13 week program which means that you may begin at anytime.  Feel free to stop in for a meeting and find out more.    

 What happens at our meetings?  

            Measurements and weigh in.  The bio tracker measures Weight, Body Fat, Body Water, Muscle Mass, Daily Caloric Intake, Metabolic Age, Bone Mass and Visceral Fat.  We also measure chest, waist, hips, thigh, arms and neck.

            Each participant receives a 13 week manual and every week we go over a module that helps to educate us about overall health and lifestyle changes.

            We support one another with questions, shared stories and lots of laughs! 

            We also share a smoothie or healthy snack as well.  New recipes and new foods are fun to explore and we encourage each other to try new things!

The recommended diet plan is based on plenty of vegetables, fiber, water and protein.  Avoiding all sugars, breads, pastas and refined, processed foods is key.  Slowly adding exercise to your daily routine is an important part of the program.

The IN.FORM metabolic age support system kit includes enough protein powder for two shakes daily for a month as well as supplements to rebuild the gut microbiome.  Please check out the link below for more information specifically on the IN.FORM plan.


  • This fee for signing up with this support group is $149.00.

You receive a participant manual, food planner booklet and a convenient shaker for your protein powders. 

You also receive a 10% discount on all the Natures Sunshine herbal supplements and the metabolic age support system kit.

  • Want to join again after your 13 weeks? It’s only $99.