Olives & Orchids

The Olive Bistro

The Olive Bistro is one of Jasper's fine dining restaurants featuring Mediterranean cuisine.  

Located next to the Bears Paw Bakery on Pyramid Lake Road.

Enjoy two 60 minute Massages at Wild Orchid Salon & Spa, prior to enjoying a lovely Dinner for two at The Olive Bistro


Dinner for two at The Olive Bistro includes...

  • one appetizer to share

  • two entrees

  • one dessert to share

Please note, certain items on the menu may NOT be included. Please ask your server for details.

$249 + GST

*Gratuities are left at your discretion for outstanding service and are NOT included for the massages or dinner service.

This Package must be booked at Wild Orchid Salon & Spa, we will book the dinner reservation and provide you with a voucher for dinner. Massages and Dinner will be booked for the same day only.