Sunless Tanning

Au Courant Sunless Tanning

Everyone is craving that sunkissed look!  Why not have it year round? 

Try our fantastic self tanner by Au Courant. It's silky smooth on the skin and gives you a natural Bronzed-Goddess look in minutes.

  • Hypo-allergenic, instant results, natural looking and natural ingredients.
  • Paraben free, sulphate free, petroleum free


Academy Award Winning Sunless Spray Tan

  • Face & Full Body $45
  • Series of 3 for ONLY $120 ($40 each)
  • Series of 5 for ONLY $175 ($35 each)


Pre Sunless Tanning - for best results

  • Exfoliate entire body prior to tanning application
  • Do not apply moisturizer or perfume
  • Do not wear deodorant
  • Shave or waxing should be done prior to your appointment
  • Wear loose fitting clothing and flip flops


Post Sunless Tanning - for best results

  • Tan will immediately take effect, do not shower, rinse or scrub for 10 - 12 hours
  • Do not take long baths or soak in pools as this will fade your tan.
  • Excessive exercise immediately after the tanning session should be avoided.
  • Do not use alpha hydroxy acids as these will accelerate the fading process.
  • Avoid sitting on leather or light fabrics immediately after. Sit on a towel instead.
  • With your first shower you will see bronzer washing off. This is excess surface colour that was applied. Your skin will continue to tan as the ingredients react with your skin and this tan will gradually fade until your next body exfoliation.
  • If your tan rubs on your clothing, wash your clothing that day, it will come out.

The only safe tan is a fake tan!